Thursday, December 18, 2008

Redneck Christmas Tree


Reader Leah of submitted this just last night, and it was so great I just had to post it today (even though I have other great submissions in my inbox!) 

"Hey Billy Bob, what should we use as ornaments this year?"

"Hmmm... Besty Jo, what about these beer cans?"

"Billy Bob!  We did that last year!  We can't do it again until NEXT year!"

"Ok, I've got some extra cars in the yard here, why don't we use the headlights?"


"Oh Betsy Jo, I'm so glad your my wife/cousin!"


T said...

the tree IS ugly - but the dialogue is a riot!

Leah said...


I'm glitter blog FAMOUS!

So said...

Wow. I could think of SO much better ways to use those rims as ornaments. *sigh* My talents are going unused.