Saturday, August 29, 2009

Pink Elephant Girl

I see this pink elephant girl and all that's going through my mind is the 'Pink elephant' song from Dumbo. I won't attempt to try and figure out why there is an orange elephant trunk on her face, or an owl on her body. It doesn't even phase me that she has sort of a monkey body and an 'x' in the place of both her hands. What's really wigging me out are her eyes. The eyes are super detailed and embroidered nicely and then someone just went and threw all this other stuff together and sewed it with obvious stitches that's really distracting.

Friday, August 28, 2009

The best things about crafts

Do you know what I like best about crafts? They don't have to make any sense at all! Take puke, for a random example. Sure you can't (or can you?) make a craft out of it, but you can make some pillows spelling out P-U-K-E, put a couple of smiley faces on it and BOOM! you've got a craft worth showing off.
The maker of this cuteness says and I quote "Giving the gift of PUKE is always a great present for that friend/loved one with a quirky sense of humor." Yes. When all else fails, give the gift of puke.