Tuesday, December 2, 2008

By Extremely Popular Demand.... The Pad Slippers


We must have received this submission about 30 + times!  Thank you to everyone for thinking of us when this arrived in your inbox.  For those who haven't seen these little gems before... I only have really one thing to say about them... At least they aren't painted red.


On a totally separate note, for our craft loving friends, Ailene and I have some friends that are going through a hard time...  The Barkdull family has been awaiting Matt's kidney transplant for a while because of various complications. He has been on dialysis for a long time which has created its own hardships. He always has a great attitude through all of his medical problems.  You would never even know that he is sick.  It looks like the kidney transplant is going to happen after Christmas at the end of December or first of January. Matt will obviously have to take some time off to recovery and it will be a difficult time for the entire family.  Our friend has set up an etsy shop to sell various crafts that are very cute (and not at all made of any feminine hygiene products).  Please visit the shop by clicking here and pick some cute things up to help a family. 

All proceeds from purchases between December 1st and 31st will go directly to the family to help pay for transplant costs and expenses.


T said...

Ewww, again! I think that's the most often heard comment around here :)

I like to wear slippers year-round, I run my kids to school in them and once in a blue moon I've been known to forget they're on when I run INTO the school... I don't think I could get away with these ones :)

I'm off to Etsy - best wishes to the fam!

Amber said...

I've totally made those! They were for a white elephant gift exchange though. I had a cute little note about them being odor absorbing, non-skid soles and some other stuff. They were the hit of the party. ;)

Jen said...

I got these in an email and sent it to everyone I know.

I love the sizes listed: Light, Medium, and Bring Out The Sandbags.

Pesky Email Forwards said...

I think that feminine products used in crafts should be officially banned. Although they are multi-functional....

I love your blog by the way. The crafts posted here are all things that I assume get forwarded around. :-)

Diane said...

They look very soft and comfy.