Thursday, December 11, 2008

More toilet seat art

I don't know what it is, but I'm fascinated with toilet seat art. I never thought of this piece of furniture adding so much to my decor. Here's a bit of potty humor with Santa falling through the toilet seat, which now that I think about it is really odd. Isn't Santa supposed to be ... pleasantly plump? Just how did he get down there? And is it really so far down to the bottom that he needs to clutch to the edges of the seat?


clan of the cave hair said...

Sicko Santa Wants a Golden Shower

Jen said...

Maybe Santa wanted to know if his magic ability to fit down the chimney would work for plumbing?

This is very, very sad. Poor Santa.

NikkiLuLu said...

The open mouth of Santa gives me such a laughter thrill.

Its almost as if Santa's rival which is the Easter bunny of course shoved Santa so he can meet his fate.. forever doomed in a swamp filled world made up of urine, feces, cottonelle, angelsoft, and charmin.

Not to mention the few odds and ends he may encounter while in the toilet..=/

We all know they've been competing for decades.. but who knew it reached to this point?

Who stole christmas now?

T said...

I often wander around my house and think... "oh, I could use a picture there"... you know - that blank wall...

Never NEVER have I thought - oh, what a drab toilet seat - I really need to spruce it up for the holiday!