Thursday, October 23, 2008

Unidentifiable squeaky toy

Thanks to Katie C. who found this treasure. It's labeled as a squeaky toy and that's about all I can figure out as well. It's a bit horse-like, but then maybe it's camel because of the lump on it's back. Or maybe it doesn't matter because it's a dog toy ...? Whatever it is, it's ugly and definitely deserves to be mentioned here.


Jen said...

All I have to say, is dogs are people too.

Well, not really, but still. Even canines deserve better than that! That thing is awful! It looks like it's already been a dog's toy, and after getting chewed in half they just sewed up the remains and threw it back to the dog.

Poor dog.

T said...

Animal, Vegetable, or mineral? I still can't tell!

Kate the Great said...

I have to say, I sat at the computer for about an hour just looking at ugly crafts, and that was one of my favourites.

Thanks for posting it!

just the five of us said...

Would that scratch your mouth if you bit it? It looks like it is made out of sandpaper. It is defininately ugly!

Anonymous said...

It looks like poop!