Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"Cute" Skulls


As Lisa mentioned when she emailed this little craft to me, anything with the words "cute" and "skull" in the same description is a little bit suspect.  The creator uses the word "cute" a little loosely I say.  The reasons these are so wrong is first, if you are into skulls and bones and happy stuff like that, I'm almost positive you aren't browsing around for embroidered ones.  So who is this marketed to?  Don't even try and give me "Halloween" because no self respecting crafty person would be caught dead with these on their fridge (they are magnets) even if it is October. 


Christy said...

There are whole cultures into stuff like this.

Dia de los muertos is big time.

I'm not saying these skulls don't have a place on glitter gone bad...I'm just saying that they are a legitimate cultural icon, unlike barbie topped toilet paper covers.

T said...

Christy beat me to the Dia de Los Muertos explanation - I think I prefer the candied ones though... at least you can munch on them and not have to look at them year round.

Sarah said...

OK, well I guess that explains why the magnets were created, but I'm still just going to go with "ugly" :)