Saturday, September 20, 2008

Carnival clown

This is goes from ugly to bordering on creepy. Maybe it's the huge head that's looking off to the side or the small arms with obvious screws in the shoulders which are holding a carvnival ticket. Clowns, if that is what this is, give me the willies. And with good reason. All those movies, not to mention Scooby Doo episodes, with demented clowns and such. Yikes. Maybe this would make a good Halloween decoration because there is no way that is hanging on my wall year round.


T said...

disembodied heads are always a bad way to begin decorating your house... but yes - it's the teensy tiny arms that creep me out the most!

Bonnie the Boss said...

Where in the heck did you get it?
You could paint the back black and put a witch hat on it.

So said...

That is way, way creepy.