Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ring around the collar

Closely examine the picture and fill in the blank.

This woman is wearing:
A) An Elizabethean collar (hoping to bring back the fashion?)
B) Clown collar (that would explain the hairstyle)
C) Dog cone (to prevent the biting of her stitches?)
D) Tutu (obviously misunderstanding where tutus are placed)
E) None of the above (you have a better explanation?)


T said...

her kindergartner's parochial school uniform skirt... to show her that it can be fashionable after all?

a costume for the Sci-Fi convention - to blend in with the aliens?

Sorry - nothing funny is coming to mind - my humor went screaming from the room when it saw that.

rachael said...

c. definitely to protect the stitches.